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~ t.j.'s Gossamer Nebula, Book #1 Below:

This is The Gossamer Nebula,
the Northern Colonies, Book#1:

(The Northern Colonies are located in Northern Constellations as viewed from the Earth)
An ancient colony ship in stationary orbit near the moon received a message from its homeworld. The Hyraxian enemy has discovered the location of their colonies and has sent dreadnought warships to destroy the colonial worlds and their spaceships.
On Earth, only eight ancestors survive from the original colonists. Of those, only the two youngest, ten-year-olds Kevin and Amy,have the telepathic ability to communicate with the artificial intelligence of the colony ship, the Gossamer Nebula.
The ancestors discover their ship has been inactive for the last 17,000 years. Once a battleship, the weapons are still intact, but they cannot be used until power is restored.
A sentry drone transmits the enemy dreadnoughts arrival outside the Kuiper Belt beyond Pluto. The ancestors have just five days to start the antimatter engines and develop a survival plan, now on
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~ t.j. gallagher's BIOGRAPHY Below:


This is ,
by t.j. gallagher ~ 2008:

MEET THE AUTHOR - The adventures of elves, Dalton and Kayla, are this author's first series of books. He was born and raised in Buchanan, Michigan, and lived there for sixteen years. He moved to Tucson, Arizona, with his parents where he earned an Associate of Arts Degree from . He took an early interest in mechanics and science after many trips to Chicago's museums. The love of Science Fiction and Fantasy through books and movies spurred an interest in other worlds and creatures. His Irish and German heritage provided fertile lore of wee Leprechauns, Sprites, Elves, Faeries, Dwarfs and Dragons. Although these are his first fantasy books, his confidence is bolstered because his niece, Kelly, loves these tales, and so will you!
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~ t.j.'s Southern Colonies, Book #2:


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but not distances are to scale)

This is The Gossamer Nebula,
the Southern Colonies, Book #2:

(The Southern Colonies are located in Southern Constellations as viewed from the Earth)
The intrepid children of the Gossamer Nebula have decided to help the 5 Southern Hyperborean ancestral colonies to defend themselves against the Hyraxian ships sent to destroy them. Unable to deter them, the President of Teraxii ordered their artificially intelligent starship to be upgraded in technology & weaponry to give them a better chance of success, but one more problem arose.
Six crew members elected to remain on Teraxii, leaving the twelve-year-old captain with only 5 others on board. Fortunately, seven courageous students had petitioned the President to become part of Kevin's crew.
From the onset, the southern mission was plagued with problems. A stowaway & an entrance to another dimension are the least of their challenges. A mysterious dark ship of unknown intentions, new enemies, a graveyard of ships & new deadly long-range dreadnoughts are major challenges, but they don't compare to the discovery of another ominous Hyraxian armada. Three crew members will be lost & four more will volunteer to join, but can this crew of children save the colonial worlds? Can they rise to meet the new challenges they face?...
by t.j. gallagher ~ 2014 ~ All Rights Reserved
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