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MEET ELYANA - Set in 2083 in the environmentally controlled Lansing, Michigan dome, where life is safe but predictable, Elyana is a 13-year-old girl who is a friendless, precocious teen with unusual gifts. She doesn't look like her parents, or anyone else she knows. She is too big, too strong, and too smart to have friends, has strange powers she doesn’t understand, and freaky eyes she hides with shades whenever she goes out in public.
She repeatedly dreams of a woman who looks like her with red hair and freaky green eyes. The woman sings to her in a language she has never heard before but intuitively understands. Elyana longs to meet this woman, who is the only one that looks like she does.
Her parents forbid her to use her gifts because they fear she will be sent outside the dome if she's discovered. Forces build within her that Elyana cannot control when her extraordinary size and powers draw unwanted attention from the government.
When she discovers her true identity, her powers assert themselves, and she commits a crime, steals a protective suit and escapes the safety of the eco-dome in search of her real mother. After hijacking a helicopter, Elyana finds her destiny in the harsh world of those forced to live outside the dome, faces off with the FBI & is embroiled in an inter-world strategy to save Earth.
Unsafe in the Lansing Dome she is hunted by the FBI, captured by criminals, and endangers the lives of many, including her Mom and Dad. Elyana’s struggle to control her powers and understand herself imperil her life and have consequences that change the Earth and another planet, now on
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by L. K. Sigle ~ ©2012 ~ All Rights Reserved
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by L.K. Sigle ~ ©2012:

MEET THE AUTHOR - Lorraine K. Sigle says the first thing folks should know about her is that she’s stubborn. Persistence may be a kinder word, but the truth is when the name “Elyana” popped into her head one day as she was walking down the street, she was determined to know who Elyana was.
It took several years and many drafts, but Sigle didn’t give up. Stubborn. What helped bring Elyana into focus was Sigle’s growing concern about the environment. It’s funny how the mind works. She began reading a lot of books on the environment, and all that information got mixed in with her thoughts about Elyana.
Now, Sigle not only wanted to tell Elyana’s story, but she also wanted Elyana to inform readers about our changing world. Climate change is not only a concern for humans but for creatures who share the planet with us. Sigle’s back yard is daily visited by a variety of birds, squirrels, raccoons, and sometimes ground hogs or possums chowing down on the feed she puts out, and a red tail hawk swoops in for a warm dinner, too.
Her cat, Mackenzie, shares Sigle’s interest if not her love for these creatures. He probably wouldn’t care about polar bears, threatened by extinction if he knew about them, but Sigle does.Remember, she’s stubborn, snd she hopes her book is not only a great read but an igniter of passion for a better world. Our world isn't as bad as Elyana's, but it will be if we don't do something now. The good news is that there are a lot of people who are working hard to save our planet.
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